Chalcedony topped silver and enamel box London 1930




Chalcedony topped silver and enamel box. London 1930.

   This beautiful box is a first rate example of Art Deco design. The chalcedony stone top is set with an intricate silver and marcasite decorative panel. Dark green enamel runs around the edges of the box and the top showing it to be an item of exceptional quality. The base shows a fine engine turned design and the interior is gilded. The function of the box in its period is uncertain, though it would make a fine card case or trinket box making it suitable for contemporary use. The silver is fully marked, showing that it was imported to George Stockwell, London in 1930.

   This superb quality box stands 1cm high, is 8cm wide and 5cm deep. (Measurements approximate). It is in excellent condition, showing wear appropriate to its age. It has no damage and no restoration