Early nineteenth century Dieppe Ivory cane handle.



Early nineteenth century Dieppe ivory cane handle c. 1820.

This beautifully carved ivory cane handle shows a young boy dressed in the guise of a French Revolutionary, complete with tassled bicorn hat. It was carved in Dieppe in the early part of the nineteenth century, Dieppe being one of the more important areas of ivory carving in the world at that period. It is likely that this fine carving would have sat on top of a long shaft, taller than todays walking stick and would have been more of a statement of the owners fashion sense and undisputed wealth than an aid for walking.

   This exceptional and rare cane handle is 10 cm long and 4 cm at its widest point. (Measurements approximate). As may be seen from the photographs, there is a small, stable crack in the section of the ivory that would sit inside the cane, should the new owner wish to mount it for use. On occasion, the lower section of the ivory would have been painted to match the wood beneath. The carving is in excellent condition, showing only wear appropriate to its age and substance.