Edo Period ivory netsuke showing Chokaro Sennin.




Edo Period ivory netsuke showing Chokaro Sennin.

This fine and rare ivory netsuke dates from the eighteenth century and has been attributed to the Kyoto School. It shows a tall Chokaro Sennin, in typical clothing, beautifully carved with a highly expressive face. Chokaro Sennin always carries a staff ans a gourd, in which he keeps a magic white horse that will take him anywhere he wishes to go. He is the only Sennin who travels, most remaining in isolation on their mountain tops. A stylistcally similar example may be found in Netsuke; Miniature Sculpture of Japan. Barker and Smith. number 324.

    This rare and beautifully carved eighteenth century netsuke stands 10.5 cm high, is 3 cm at its widest point and 2.5 cm at its deepest. (Measurements approximate). It is in excellent condition showing light wear and natural colour alteration appropriate to its age and substance. It has a fine patination, no damage and no restoration.