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  Antiques Spotlight.

Late eighteenth century enamel snuff box in the form of a watch.

The "Toy Shop" of the eighteenth century was a phenomenon and bears no resemblance to shops of that name today.The eighteenth century toy shop was a place to acquire small items of great beauty, artistic merit and intrinsic worth. Snuff boxes, perfume bottles, patch boxes, card cases and many other beautifully decorated items that were used in day to day life were all sold under one roof. This fine English enamel snuff box takes the form of an elaborate pocket watch with adjustable hands, the face beautifully decorated with a garland of flowers. This box is likely to have been made by Yardley of Wednesbury, Staffordshire. The white enamel produced by Yardley was recognised for its strength and purity and this is easily seen on the box interior. The company of Yardley of Wednesbury is also registered as "An enamel box and toy watch maker".