Late eighteenth century stag antler netsuke - Chokaro Sennin




Late eighteenth century stag antler netsuke. Chokaro Sennin.         

This fine late eighteenth century netsuke was carved in Japan from stag antler and shows Chokaro Sennin. Sennins are immortal beings who live like hermits in the mountains. There are over 500 different Sennins in total.  Chokaro Sennin, is, by contrast to most, a traveller. He carries a gourd in which he keeps a horse, which he frees by blowing into the opening. The horse then carries him wherever he wishes to go.

  This Edo Period netsuke stands 7cms tall and is 3cms at its widest point. (Measurements approximate.).  Although it shows wear appropriate to its age, its has no damage or restoration.