Mid-late eighteenth century enamel patch box as a goldfinch.



Mid-late eighteenth century enamel patch box in the form of a goldfinch.

This delightful little patch box is likely to have been made in south Staffordshire and dates from around 1760. It is formed as a goldfinch, often used as a decorative device by enamel producers due to its colourful plumage and recognisably cheeky character. This example shows the bird sitting on the grass. The opening lid beneath the bird is loosely decorated with flowers and contains the original mirror necessary for applying the patches of felt or mouse skin that would have covered blemishes on the face of the owner.

   This charming eighteenth century enamel patch box stands 4 cm high, is 3.7 cm wide and 2.3 cm deep. (Measurements approximate). It is in good condition, showing light wear and cracking in the enamel appropriate to its age and substance. The silvering on the mirror has deteriorated over time as would be expected. The box has no loss, damage or restoration.