Mid - late nineteenth century Coquilla nut stud box.



A mid - late nineteenth century hand carved Coquilla nut stud box.

This charming little box is likely to have been produced in France or Italy in the mid - late nineteenth century. Both were countires renowned for work of this kind at that period. A wide range of items were made from Coquilla nut at this time, from sewing accessories to snuff boxes, pomanders to bodkin cases. This is a fine and unusual example and it is believed to be a Gentlemans collar stud box, being rather too small for a snuff, but having a dished base to facilitate the removal of its contents. The top is carved with a Musical motif, instruments and music. Flowers adorn the sides and the base has a geometric pattern. The box has a lovely light caramel colour and patination.

   This charming little box, hand carved in Coquilla nut is 4.5 cm in diameter and stands 2.3 cm high. (Measurements approximate). It is in excellent codition, showing light wear appropriate to its age and substance. It has no damage and no restoration.