Mid-late nineteenth century Japanese silver inkwell.




Mid-late nineteenth century Japanese silver inkwell.

    This exquisite Meiji period silver inkwell was produced in Japan in the mid-late nineteenth century. It is an outstanding piece of silverwork, clearly marked on the base. It stands on its original wooden support and is decorated round the outside and to the top with iris flowers. Irises play an important role in Japanese folklore, a bath filled with iris petals will protect against disease and evil spirits. It is likely that this piece was made for export to the West, as its form would please devotees of the Aesthetic movement which was at its zenith at this period.

    This delightful Japanese silver inkwell stands 7cm high and is 5.5cm square. the wooden base stands 2cm high and is 11cm square. (Measurements approximate). It is in excellent condition, showing wear appropriate to its age, as does its original base. It has no damage and no restoration.