Napoleonic Prisoner of War carved bone gaming box



Napoleonic  Prisoner of War carved bone gaming box.

   This stunning carved bone box, containing a full set of dominoes together with minute carved dice was produced by a Napoleonic prisoner of war in the early nineteenth century. There were a huge number of prisoners held across Europe at this period and many were allowed to make items that could be sold to allow them a better standard of food. Items in straw, bone and wood were the main body of work, since those were the only materials to which the prisoners had access.

  This particularly fine example has survived in excellent condition, missing only one interior divide to the box. It contains a full set of 28 dominoes, four miniature carved bone dice and the top of the box is formed as a cribbage board. The box, including the draw handle, is 15cm long, 4cm wide and stands 2.7cm high. (Measurements approximate). It shows wear appropriate to its age and substance. It has no damage beyond that mentioned and no restoration.